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1/24 Tamiya Mitsubishi Montero!


Master at Arms
Well, with a few other trucks being built here, I decided I'd join in.

Got this off Kijiji about a week ago (the Canadians on here will know what I'm talking about) for a good price, and since I have some blue Tamiya spray paint I thought I would dig it out for something different.

I built the chassis, which was cool that it actually has some working suspension. Started on the interior as well and began filling some void spaces. This kit was supposed to have a third row of seats but I decided to leave them out and scrape out and fill the mounts.

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Heavens Eagle

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Looks really good Warren! Definitely not one of your usual builds.



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Thanks guys!

Little more progress today!

Finished stripping the chrome. The three pieces on the right were very difficult to remove the chrome. while the other pieces came clean after 1-2 baths in Easy Off oven cleaner, these three took about 10!


Dash finished



Re-painted chrome parts





Almost finished chassis


Test fit of body



Master at Arms
Thank you gents!

Did a little more over the last few days. Pretty much have the chassis complete and the interior glued to it now.



Just prepping the body now for paint. It only had a few small seams that needed clean up. Just gave it a good wash too. I'm going to paint it like the box art with the metallic blue and silver cladding.


My biggest issue right now is I'm starting to run out of some supplies (paint, thinner, glue, blades). I'm waiting to see if the local hobby store will open briefly or allow curb side pick up. Might have to order some things online!