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Zeitreisemaschinenwagen! - Build # 1

Heavens Eagle

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You might try a very thin blue wash. The blue lighting on the time coils was behind an aluminum mesh.

This is a reference photo from the DeAgostini BTTF build community. You can see the mesh in the photos. Maybe even a black wash to bring out the mesh, then a little blue in the middle areas if you want a glow to it.



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That's cool, I never knew they were a mesh.

I might try a little thinned blue as a test spot and see how it looks. After thinking it over though, I'm about 70/30 for leaving them silver.
A little blue would look nice against the grey!


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This is getting close to a finish. I taped off the front plywood box holding the modified time circuits and painted that up, added some lead wire for wiring and drilling out the clear vacuum tube pieces and adding a drop of copper paint for some detail.



Tried to give it a wood effect: I painted it in Buff, then added some red brown, followed by a brush coat of thinned out clear orange.and added little red sqiggles on the 4 corners to simulate the "Pepsi" logos.



So, the car is all together now, just need to do a little weathering on the wheels and body and then just have to finish painting and trying to weather the tracks. I'll put this aside for a bit though as I need to get back on the PBY!


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Thanks guys!

Dave, no ambush pattern. I had considered a desert colour but thought in the end German grey would be best suited!