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Zeitreisemaschinenwagen! - Build # 1


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I love this! I wonder what would happen if Doc Brown met Mad Max? "Too Right! Last of the V-8 time machines. HG Wells would be aghast if you blew her up, eh?" Yeah. Bloody awful, that!


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Thanks guys!

I had found this on a website and kept a copy of the image for reference (can't recall the website now but needless to say it is not my build, someone else's creativity) but many things could be made into a time machine.


I think this was particularly creative and a great car to use!!


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Back on the DeLorean today!
Started by masking off the body


And giving it a couple shots of german grey


added some washes to the interior to make it look a little worn


Then inserted the rear deck, the glass and attached the chassis. I decided to open the small side windows.



bob letterman

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Apologies to both Saul and Warren!

I do know the difference! Honest I do! I am more image conscious than with text. When I look at threads, I focus on the images posted. Going back through the thread, I made this same mistake twice! You don't suppose age has something to do with that?:bang head

Anyway, Great job Warren!




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I saw a neat trick watching people restore Tonka truck toys on Youtube where they would paint the white lettering of the tires by spraying white paint on a sheet of paper and then press the tire on the paint. Thought i would try this with the rear tail light lenses. They are very small and the raised areas are supposed to be black. Didn't want to mess them up. Only problem I had was that the paint on the paper would dry very quickly before I had a chance to press them on. I used a piece of blue tak to get a better hold of the lens while I pressed it to the paint.



What do you think so far??



Debating right now if I should leave the silver time travel coils around the front and back silver or paint them with a slight tint of clear blue??