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The Milk Run Special


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I have spent more time masking, re designing mask on my Cameo than I would have liked. It has been stripped of paint twice and now I am happy.

Using Gunze dry brushed for the main NMF with over spray of Mr. Color 206 Super Chrome Silver. IMG_20200726_133035840.jpgIMG_20200726_133042841.jpgIMG_20200726_133051108.jpg


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Nice job. I never can seem to get aluminum (or other metallics) to come out the way I want.

Your's turned out great!



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That pant scheme is awesome!
The hardest was getting me spacing correct for the NMF around the code letters and insignias.

I tried brush painting the invasion strips but mucked that up badly and had to remove all and go again.

It was very close to ending up back in the box and tucked in the corner of doom.