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Mikes WWI Aircraft Models 2020-04-28

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jknaus submitted a new resource:

Mikes WWI Aircraft Models - An excellent build site of Mike "Sandbag" Norris

Anyone who builds WWI Aircraft will enjoy this build site. I saw Mikes builds on another WWI site and when I checked his web page I was quite impressed. He builds some really nice stuff and some of his builds include a blog. Now thats where I got really impressed. His build blogs are awe inspiring, written in PDF format and free to download. I am using his blog for the Sopwith Pup I am doing. You really should see them. Its like a one stop shop for info for that build. Highly recommended.

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moon puppy

Staff member
I think that's got it James.
Good job and thanks for sharing this.
Mike The Sandbagger has some really nice builds out there. I'm still absorbing his Camel build.