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Border Models 1/32 Lancaster B.I/III


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It looks like the WNW Lanc will be seeing the light of day soon. Border Models has announced on their Facebook page that pre-orders will begin around Christmas. Production will be in limited runs with breaks for mold maintinance.

Lancaster 132.jpg



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I bet it's more than my 1/32 Viggen (and probably 3x the size) I'm awaiting delivery on.

Not really my cup of tea for a personal build, but whomever does splurge on one looks to have a rather impressive centerpiece. There is one guy in our club that is looking at one...but he's not sure where he would be able put it.

Glad to see all the original development hasn't gone to waste. Looking forward to seeing who here gets one. :popcorn


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I bought the Hongkong models kit so I think I’ll pass on this one. But Damn!! That’s a nice looking chunk of plastic

Heavens Eagle

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I held off on the HK kit as I knew about the WingNut kit. Saw the sprues and a couple of built up planes at the Nooga Nats a couple of years ago. Will probably have one added to my collection once it is released.


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Woof. I can't say it was unexpected though. I don't think that one was ever intended to be produced for the masses...their production model of forced scarcity suggests as much. I hope those that really want them can find ways to acquire them w/o having to sacrifice too much.

Heavens Eagle

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I suspect that it might not be "quite" that much in the long run. I will wait until Andy's or Sprue Brothers has it listed.

I mean, I did buy the 1/48 B-36 from HPH and finally the Titanic from Free Time. Neither of those was inexpensive either.


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Nice kit but way above my price range. I would get the Handley Page if they released that though. The serious killer for these kits in the long term is price.......just like the large resin kits of the 90's. Tey have all gone away now and I don't even think China can keep these prices down.

moon puppy

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$200 is the most I've ever spent on a single kit. Did it twice, finished one. I'm not giving up a car payment for a kit, just no.


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I tend to be in the <$50 camp.....though I have made some exceptions along the way. I do love me a good sale! :bigrin:
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None for me, thanks. One day, when our imaginary garage/shop is a reality I had hoped to house a 1/1 FM-2 Wildcat. The little woman just grins at me, with kind eyes and knows I am a nut. "KERMIT WEEKS HAS ONE!!" I can't even imagine paying that price for a model kit, even a HUGE-O one. Everybody has their niche. Good luck, Guys!


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I tend to divide the price into hours of entertainment and see how it stacks up. In your money the cinema works out at $5.00 an hour $50 here will get you into an airshow for 4 hours so $12.00 an hour. so how long does a $50.00 kit take you to build ?
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