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Abdin Santoni


Information Overload
Staff member
¡Boricua Boyz!

Have you heard from the others?

Felicitaciones on the new membership.


Heavens Eagle

Well-known member
Congratulations Abdin! The work you are doing on the Dora is the best example of why Bob selected you I am sure!


Master at Arms
Saul, the other guys are ok, David continues to model when he can, Carlos is in California and we connect on the internet every time Ruben and I get together on my house, he do models connected on line with Carlos every time we reunite every two or so moths on a saturday night to model and talk at my house, Ruben is finishing some studies at the university plus working so he has almost no time for the forums.


Master at Arms
Congrats Abdin, very well deserved.

Also following your Dora build with interest, albeit quietly :D



Master at Arms
Congrats, Abdin.

Your Dora model is quite impressive and I look forward to seeing some of your other builds on here.