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Recent content by tanktrax

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    Newbie to the forum, so break it down to me...

    Re: Yes i am newbie to the forum. Please break me in.. Welcome to MA. Hope you enjoy the stay. :Hiay
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    I've uploaded the ribbon - ggg
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    Did someone say, "enormous B-17G?"

    OMG..... :ohmy:
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    Call to Arms Banner and Ribbon

    Great work... :v
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    WnW Albatross D.V.a

    Fantastic job. :rockon
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    GWH sWS mit Flakverling

    Magnificent! :notworthy:
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    Call To Arms

    Hello everyone, My name is John Marcus (aka Tanktrax). I'm the "mystery" member in Australia that the "Call To Arms" campaign refers to. There has been an ongoing discussion in the moderators thread for a long time, but I thought it's time to be more public about my story. I was diagnosed...
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    A Special B-17 & Her Crew In 1943

    My father who works in the Australian Army, sent me this story today. I thought others here would find it interesting... A Special B-17 & Her Crew In 1943 A mid-air collision on February 1, 1943, between a B-17 and a German fighter over the Tunis dock area, became the subject of one of the...
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    WIP of Tamiya's 1/32nd Mustang

    Nicely done... beautiful. :thumbsup
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    Would like to build a tank.

    Agreed. Go with Tamiya if this is your first. Tamiya always have good kits that go well together and are easy to build. Dragon tend to be more complex and those "Magic Tracks" can be a real pain to put together.
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    Breaking news from AK Interactive

    Will electronic versions be available for sale?
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    Rio de Janeiro 2012...MORE PICS AND MY AWARDS !

    Congratulations on the awards and great photos. :drinks
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    Tamiya 48th Scale JS-2 Tank In-Box Review

    Nice review. Thanks very much. :v
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    Cold Steel Completion

    Damn that looks cold.... Well done on a great job. :thumbsup
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    Good Day , EH!

    Welcome to MA. Hope you enjoy your stay. :Hiay