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Recent content by bob letterman

  1. bob letterman

    Dragon StuG III Ausf F Getting Closer!

    Looking great Mike! Making me want to get back on the diorama. Just so much going on lately. Keep at it! :vgood::vgood::vgood::vgood::vgood::vgood::vgood: Bob
  2. bob letterman

    Bismarck - Doing the Sea

    Laurence, Your rigging looks great. The rigging on the Corvette has stretched and is hanging loose. Bob
  3. bob letterman

    Bismarck - Doing the Sea

    Laurence, I wasn't suggesting you do a Corvette, although that isn't a bad idea after you finish the Birmarcj, I posted those to give you ideas of the Bismarck in rough water. I thought the Corvette diorama has a lot of drama because of the way the bulilder sculpted the water. The photography...
  4. bob letterman

    Bismarck - Doing the Sea

    Laurence, I was looking at some research I did many years ago when I built the modified Flower Class Corvette sub chaser in "Cocoon". . That was before I decided to put it in dry dock. I was originally going to put it in water, but changed my mind when I travelled to Newcastle and the township...
  5. bob letterman

    Bismarck - Doing the Sea

    You're more than welcome Laurence, Regardless of how much talent we may have, the outcome of any project is always vague until it is completed. There are many modelers with more artistic ability than I'll ever have. Lewis Pruneau and Mig Jimenez come to mind. However, to create things that are...
  6. bob letterman

    The VLS Corporation. The Early Years.

    I spent several hours today getting the photos together for the next segment of this post. Maybe tomorrow or Tuesday? I can't believe how lazy I'm getting in my old age! :bm: Bob
  7. bob letterman

    The VLS Corporation. The Early Years.

    I hear that Tim. Now, 14 years later, I walk in a hobby shop, buy a small bottle of Testor's paint and destroy a five dollar bill paying for it. I remember when that identical bottle cost 25 cents and the even smaller square bottles were a dime. It is an expensive hobby these days. Kits that...
  8. bob letterman

    Bismarck - Doing the Sea

    So impressive Laurence, :vgood::vgood::vgood::vgood::vgood::vgood::vgood::vgood::vgood::vgood::vgood: I can already see this in my minds eye! It's going to be nothing short of fantastic! The wake and waves created by the rough North Atlantic will be a major factor. in the drama. IMHO, a...
  9. bob letterman

    How I got sidetracked to major "Honey do" projects!

    It is Mark, So far we have sold more than #3K and haven't even scratched the surface. $3K buys a lot of steak dinners, even these days!
  10. bob letterman

    Easy "GUZZI" Rider

    Alex, what can anybody say? You are in a class all by yourself and you own that class! :notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy Bob
  11. bob letterman

    Love those Merlin engines!!!!

    Check 'em out!
  12. bob letterman

    BROKENEAGLE'S PAINTINGS - Tiger 1 update 27th June 2021

    Very impressive Ian, I could be wrong but I think this is your best work to date. Beautiful!!!!! :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy Bob
  13. bob letterman

    1/72 Middle East Street

    Fantastic Jeff!!!!! :vgood::vgood::vgood::vgood::vgood::vgood::vgood: Bob
  14. bob letterman

    The Tenth Crusade... The Vatican is attacked

    :vgood: :vgood: :vgood: :vgood: