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The Tenth Crusade... The Vatican is attacked


Information Overload
Staff member
Last year's unused start photo. Turret with probable turret armament from IBG's Rosomak kit:1593690350711.png

Kit 25mm cannon above 30mm cannon from IBG's Green Devils Rosomak kit:

The kit from which the cannon was taken (to be replaced with a metal one from Master Models:

Trunnion/ammunition box base wasn't level so work was done:

Kit's MG pod:

Kit 7.62 Type 59 mg versus 12.7mm WKM-B from IBG's Rosomak kit:

Kit 7.62mm Type 59 versus IBG's 40mm Mk 19 automatic grenade launcher:

Liking the automatic grenade idea, I checked to see the difference in width of the weapons. The pod needs significan widening:

The kit from which the above weapon choices are available:

Settling on IBG's 30mm Cannon, some work on the turret must be started to check clearance and modify the trunnions/ammunition boxes as needed. Note that I have already removed the smoke grenade launcher shelves as the Iveco Puma has them on the hull. Red are removals (welds and gun sight). IBG Rosomak barrel in lieu of WZ505 barrel.

All for now.



Information Overload
Staff member
Plodding away whenever I can... working on suspension, considering water barriers (red arrow near top), and add-on armor (red arrow below):




Information Overload
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Been busy but with my PC. Two hard drives decided to call it quits with three Terabytes of information and the OS (C) drive began humming. Ticked me off so I bought a 1TB SSD to replace the Operating System (OS) hard drive plus a 3TB secondary hard drive for storage and to hopefully recover any unique files from the dead ones (which were used as back ups). Thanks to brown outs for the PC problems. I am waiting on a new battery for my battery back up as it was dead as well but no sign of that as it would have prevented my issues.

Enough of that. I forgot to upload this image from last month when I had built only one water barrier, plus concrete, and J's Work "iron barriers" before deciding on the water ones after reviewing film footage from the Vatican Channel on Roku.



moon puppy

Staff member
Good luck with the drives. Old trick I did years ago dealing with a failed drive, put it in a ziplock bag and freeze it overnight. Worked for me.