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The Tenth Crusade - European Western Front


Information Overload
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With the border of the Caliphate moving East, the Germans are now reconsidering the Philippine model and sent out a request for help to the rest of Europe. Hungary, Finland, and Poland immediately signed up. Italy signed the pact but was embroiled in its own battles to protect the Vatican. A hodgepodge of equipment has started arriving. So did the volunteers, Scandinavians, Americans from both North and South, and Asians.

The Germans found themselves needing easily identifiable combat uniforms with increased protection for urban fighting. They developed armored suits which were custom fitted therefore denying captors their use. However, the suits were heavy with the consequence that injured soldiers would need specialized equipment to recover them and transport them to field hospitals.

While the suits had basic first aid built in such as automatic tourniquets should it sense a missing limb, things such intravenous medications and fluids were limited to what was carried. Therefore, a recovery vehicle capable of bringing an armored fighter back to the ambulance was needed.

The ambulances in use by the Germans, the Boxer GTK B05 model, were refitted with a built-in gantry, defensive weapon, weapon ports, and quick disconnects of the ambulance module to allow a heavy lift helicopter to whisk away the patient to a field hospital.


I began with the specific mission module for this build, the ambulance. Being Revell, it fought me all the way! Fifteen minutes work.

Lots of sanding to get it to fit and I ended up trimming the port side vertical mission module armor's rear edge.

After gluing on the upper slanted armor, I noticed something...

The roof now won't fit! I have a plan to fix this as it was my doing.

I created a flipped image and printed them out...

This is where I plan to place them. The stowage boxes will be all white.

Yikes! What a horrible photo I posted, I will replace with another I took last night as a 'before' since I had to think this thought through. Since I was on a roll working on both subjects (the Vatican one as well) I didn't want to stop to take photos.

The ability to swap mission modules on the GTK Boxer is what makes it attractive. While swapping is possible, it is along process as the mission module (MM) is a slave of the transporter, depending on it for power, comfort, as well as transportation. So I had to think this through.
  1. Quick disconnects means the MM should have its own power and comfort.
  2. Doesn't need recovery or entrenching tools.
  3. Needs method of removal
  4. Stability during flight as an underslung load
  5. A way to be let down without toppling over
Transporter with MM removed:

Mission module on its own:


A video of the swap out:

The satellite antenna needs to be moved from the MM to the transporter as well as the large radio antenna. Both near the driver. The tow bar and cable should be moved to the transporter's nose.


A gantry crane (for the lifting of armored suits) as well as outriggers with lifting eyes needs to be added. Defense ports need adding as well.

I never noticed the 72nd scale Revell kit had this image... replace the warning lights/cages with lifting rings and closer to my thoughts...

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Some of the side armor mounting studs are under the stowage boxes so I will carefully slice them off in case I need them on the rear panel. The one damaged by sanding is not an issue as it would not be seen in the end, hmmm, needs a bit more work. Dasterdly Macro!

Slicing off what is in red and replacing the round additional armor stud mounts.

Yes, the other one in the background is also being worked on as well as the water barriers.

Yes, having built two of these in 1/72 scale (one APC, one Command) Revell shows in the instructions how you can leave the module free to change out in the model. I would love to see additional modules released so I can change them out with my two vehicles.

Your work is looking great Saul! Keep it coming!
Got away from the family for 90 minutes and got the lower hull together with additional anti-mine armor. Photos tomorrow.