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StuG-Panther V - The Hound Killer


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Hallo Dudes!!

Also got back on the StuG-Panther V...Aka The Hound Killer. Striped off all the molded on detail as I just wasn't happy with it. That's not to say it was bad just not up to my standards...don't I sound snooty... :smack: So after removing all that it was time to add it back. First was a drivers hood but after consolation with our own Iron Mike we decided it look more like a zit...so I poped that suxr and build one the was sooooo much better!. Then I got myself high as a kite again adding the cast texture...and sanded most of it off to better represent rolled steel plate. Some some small details where next with the help of scale hardware. Awesome stuff....isn't that right MP?? Lastly I started working out what the display will look like, I'm sure it will change a bit before its all finished. Ok...ok on with the pics!









Bis Später


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That's really COOL! I like your M-8 Bearhound better, but this is NEAT-O! :drunks: :drink:ro::tens:
Prithee, Tell us about the Churchill variant in the background, won't you?


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Had a bit of a set back today as the lower hull wasn't living up to expectations. The plastic provided in the kit turns super brittle when glue is applied to it. As a result all the swing arms kept falling off also there was just something not right about the geometry of the whole thing. So pried off the old lower hull and started fitting a Tamiya Panther lower hull...I'll see how this turn out.



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So spent the week getting this project sorted out and back on track. New Tamiya panther hull attached and all the running gear installed. Then a little work on the tracks and detailed out the rear end...so making progress...such as it is. :coolio2:


Thanks for stopping in for a looky see ... :victory:

moon puppy

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Love that scrap heap over to the left, wish you could spray it down with something just as it is, pick it up and put it in the corner of the factory this thing was prototyped at.
Looks like something Ian would do in one of this dios.
Also what's that green wire?