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StuG-Panther V - The Hound Killer


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After the surprise appearance of the US 17 pounder M6A1 Bearhound and the heavy losses it inflicted among German armored divisions, MAN of Germany initiated a crash program to field a counter response...

The 10.5cm Sturmgeschutz V...Hound Killer!

The Kit
Startup Shot
Assembly of the Lower Hull

Thanks for stopping in and check back soon to see more of the Killer come to life :devil:
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Thanks Guys for Stopping In!!

Didn't get as far as I was hoping but I did get started so I guess that a win. I was going to doing something a little different with the road wheels but it not working out. Anywho...here is what I got done this weekend.

Thanks to Iron Mike for supplying some of the parts seen here!