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Somewhere on the Russian Steppe

mike walsh

Master at Arms

Here is another project started early this year. Shared with the Italeri Schnellboot.

The concept is the Invasion of Russia with the reliance of Horse drawn infantry and Anti Aircraft.
The kits have been more or less built out of the box with as little detailing as possible with a desire to use horses throughout the dio.

Currently working on the Hobbyboss (Ex Tristar) Panzer 38T . To my surprise there was way more work in this little tank than what I bargained for.
It was priced on par with the latest Tamiya 38T and the Tamiya kit pretty much fell together although with the substantial amount of interior detail in the Hobbyboss kit it has bogged me down. The worst part is I have 2 Hobbyboss 38T's to go on the dio.😣

axis troops and car for dio1.jpgdio figures and accesories1.jpgdio figures work in progress1.jpggerman tank crew for dio1.jpghobbyboss panzer 38t for dio1.jpgPanzer 38T SUB1.jpgPanzer 38T sub2.jpgPanzer 38T SUB3.jpgRiich mobile aa for dio1.jpgt34 for dio april 20.jpgtamiya 38t for dio.jpgv170 build progress.jpg

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Great Project Mike!! I'll be riding along with the troop as you build this up.

mike walsh

Master at Arms
Thanks guys .

Yes, watching Bob's work on his logistics dio is fantastic motivation to start building.
The dio base is not going to be too elaborate with buildings more so to have the terrain work in with the vehicles and figures. Only have the second Hobbyboss 38T to finish and then it's on to the dio base and ground work. I've got to have something completed by the end of the year.



Master at Arms
This looks like it is going to be a very nice diorama. I think the horse-drawn antiaircraft piece is an interesting touch.

mike walsh

Master at Arms
Thanks again for your words,

Lol , thanks Barney, I may have to space the infantry further away from the horses.:poop:

Michael 🍻

mike walsh

Master at Arms
Thanks Guys,

Here are the kits back in the box ready for paint.

A clear indication of how much detail in the Hobbyboss kit compared to the Tamiya kit.
As for quality between the 2 Hobbyboss(Tristar)wins hands down.
Ease of build , Tamiya is out front , close inspection between the 2 has made me lean more towards the Hobbyboss Kit.
At the time of purchase the price of the Hobbyboss kit with interior was at the same price of the Tamiya kit.
Hobbyboss 38t sub sections before paint.jpg
Tamiya 38T sub sections before paint.jpg
2 down 1 to goPanzer 38Ts.jpg


mike walsh

Master at Arms
Thanks Mike there certainly is.🤬 😁 Now that the last Panzer 38T is completed I can show some little snippets of the fine little pieces of the kit.
Panzer 38t engine a.jpgPanzer 38t engine B.jpg
Panzer 38T engine c.jpg
Tamiya and Hobbyboss Panzer 38T.jpgAnd there is a Miniart V170 which is primed in sub sections ready to go.
Miniart V170 primed.jpg

More to Follow...