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Smile for Motherland!


Relax day at oficce. So I had time to be putting together a bit so it will be my next project at least at theplanning if you will. Since I'll be starting with him recently in early March.
Kits involved.
Ruined building (Plaster odontlógico)


Kubel plus a drawer of the disaster to be repainted (it will be burned).
The idea is as follows.
A German prisoner is taken to kicking behind enemy lines. Soldiers on the trucknewcomers as executioners. All this is captured by a cameraman.

Un primer plano de dispocición para ir viendo y exponiendo.

Una idea de nivel de escombros en la calle (aunque sera un poco menos a nivel altura seguro.)

Well just for kick off the proyect.
I would like to see anything about this dio soon...
You know if you need anything only have to send to me an email...

See you...



While my favorite part of this planning stage. Many learned something from a drawing to work to see my son.

Short is 2 times 1 time.

Enton first present then sent to cut the board ....

The classic table measuring 22 wide (the length of my shelves x 41 long).

Take this as a sketch x is what it is.
After several tests this is the distribution that but I closed.

Cenital View

As we said the prisoner is brought kicking while the other films.

These two look and executioner from the bus.

From this side there will be this reference. I have to ask for a toy in.
Reference image.

Can i edit so that it is sitting or standing position.

I will create a floor in this part of the building to put a figure on the white Verlinden. Below to be the machine that said before.

Reference image.

This figure will be important because they get to capture the classic beheading gesture with his hand on his throat.

Pivot serve me to create 2 triangles one with the cameraman and the prisoner.

And the two over the truck

While the sector this thought put a Kubel hit and burned.

The issue also has a number of complex points of the vehicle. One is there will be no collapse as it is the entire side of the building x why I put strips to simulate evergreen woods and tiles there will be no x, x other hand, the version of this Kubel was Dak. Then the wheels will not if they serve in this scenario. The interesting thing is that you can have a dejected figure dangling from the driver's side.

Vista cenital.

A cheaper option is to place a bike clean shot between the sticks of wood and tiles without so much debris.

What would generate a historical mystery of how the car side fell a river in France and the bike stayed in the streets of Berlin.

: lol:: lol:: lol:

Heard good comments as usual super suggestions welcome.

Thanks x pass.


Well finally reached the table (like toy will also trying to improve my presentation of it) and seeing the pose up there did not convince me anything. Ergo went back to move things from here to there and I think this has what I have so much better. I see several positive points about the previous scheme. As having a negative space well and not have to cut to put Kubel. Also the scene is more enclosed and more focus on the sector of the prisoner and his reception. The downside is that the building would be lost or in part in the eye of the beholder. The building interior will be less but the top floor can keep the scene and the bottom will be more lost.

I did the key test. Call my wife and said look and tell me that strikes you step by step.

The reading was. Building / truck / toys / car (the pit or saw him hahaha). This is a reading from left to right and top to bottom. Which is quite correct because that is reading a notice.

Thanks for stopping by.


Well I pushed forward a bit with the terrain. Defining the structure of pipes and the general appearance of the well. In the same strips of Evergreen then will some beams supporting the road and lack of work here but can you put some element among the rocks and water as this average bike. The building simply presented and vehicles to give an idea.
The technique paving the Angel. The sidewalk was made with high impact along a photo of a street in London 1940.
I have yet to define the areas of debris and texturing everything.

Also ... to cut a little with the zis. I was with this. Kubel has the clarification several drawer disaster. It is mounted so that it is x what I wanted to see in 1 place was the subject of the picture.

From the vehicle several makeshift one is the hood that came with the kit but does not seem to go well, the windshield does not exist either and I have to rebuild as the original version has been filled since the model has to be bigger scheme Dak africa in assembly.

Another issue is the version in Berlin Dak. I remember seeing one with these tires in snow. If anyone have a photo or a welcome from now.

The figure of the disaster drawer parts here and there to say that the legs are zis driver. The idea was to try to give a little attitude and see things better then if I get clear ... Something that strikes me is the theme of your hands. Which is a position that requires no attention (lease which does not hold anything) by default is larger than does. : shock: two hands will be equal to its termination tooling costs have more ....

What's going.

On the table. Surely this sector will have a mound that allows me to tilt the car and I figure that I Kubel to compete with
bring kicks. The idea is to read as elsewhere sector, which will canaleton a acantarilla of cord and sheets to accompany the soul of the deceased.

Thanks for watch.


Master at Arms
Great stuff

I like the cobblestones !

Two things!

The guy in the Kubel his right arm doesnt look right ?

Change the tyres on the Kubel too,... they are ( I think) sand tyres

Looking forward to the progress Le2


Active member
Shalom Andy.

He used the sand tires because he saw a picture of them used in the snow. He also asked if anyone has any pictures of these tires in the snow to let him know.

Cheers from Peter


Taking advantage of a free moment and following advice I have assembled here and there all over again and I think this makes up a lot.

Kubel capped the rubble x which solves the issue of the wheels and that is free at the curb may have been stolen.

The trailer pulled against the wall so that let me double vision there supported by the Russian soldier is on the kicks. The contents of the trailer will be a box I think I have an image on another computer where there is a rectangular box on one of these. Then share it.

Here generare a gutter and sewage sector and leaves. The box will be empty x dunk that took everything thrown into the opposite corner is now empty trailer with a broken window flew up there. Anything under that I remove the corner light.

This does not change much except that cameraman in the village.

The figure of the deceased in the car may or may not since they do not see a lot or depending on the shot.

The dispociocion convinces me I have two sectors less loaded and two cross-loading.


Kubel / Truck

Less Load

Hole/ corner with groove.

What do you think.


moon puppy

Staff member
Very interesting work Le2, Thanks for sharing with us. I like how you show us the lay out and thought process of your dios. Thanks!


Well advance of these week. The interior of the building.

Some progress. Ruled out the idea of Kubelwagen buried because the burden of debris did not coincide with the destruction of the building. I created a mound with a load more logic that will allow the figure of the cameraman have a more prominent position of the other figures.

Thank for watch.


Very neat watching this come together. I like how you work through the placement of the characters also. (y) (y)

moon puppy

Staff member
I love watching this stuff. Can't understand half what you say Le2 but the step by step pictures are great!