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Panzergrey anybody

bob letterman

Master at Arms
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Re:Panzergrey anybody ?

Hey Sven,

A great build, great weathering and a great SBS! Can't beat a triple!!


Re: Panzergrey anybody ?

I started painting the exhausts with a mixture of redish acrylic paints from Vallejo. Next I applied a thick wash with oil paints and applied various pigments onto the still wet surface. The pealing paint effect was achieved with acylic paints again.

I think I will post another sbs on painting exhaust soon.

Thanks Sven,

I've not used Filters before, so am still a bit at odds about which ones to apply when. I don't suppose you could recommend any good reading about them?

Thanks again for all the excellent help!!!

Rudi :woohoo:
Rudi, Sin Industries provides certain Filters for certain base coats. BUT you can always mix your own Filter from various white spirits and oil/enamel paints. I always pick colours which are not too contrary to the base coat. For example a dark grey base coat looks good with a blueish filter, while a dark yellow base coat can be altered with a brown Filter. You always want to apply a highly dillited mixtures and you have to make sure not to "wash" you model. All you want is a slight change of the base coat or to blend a three tone camo.
You can get further informations here:


Hop this helps
Sven, tell me the difference, if any, between a dot filter we would do and a filter that you have used in this context, please.
Bob, a "dot filter" (with many tiny dots of various oil clours) will not be entirely blended, but will leave a subtle streaking, which can also be a weathering effect. The Filter we are discussing will subtly shift the tone of the base coat.

Hope this helps
mighty fine article on my favorite tank color! mighty fine!

now who from now on may claim that grey would be boring?
Bumping this for relevance.

Think First Blood will see some Panzer Grey items, Sven did a great job on this tutorial.