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France 1944 Gatehouse


Thanks guys , yer too friggin kind !!

I've been weathering the gatehouse and the attached gatekeepers quarters with a burnt umber wash and a red/brown pastel chalk brushing .
For some reason the pics show a very reddish hue as opposed to real life which show a browner hue with reddish highlights .
Drove me crazy , ....... then I found out that the two four lamp each florescent light fixtures above my bench are the culprit .
The pics in the den with regular bulb light and some daylight through the windows show the real coloring .
Anyway , attached gatekeepers quarters progress .



Master at Arms

that looks awesome! I love the windows and the door. Do you make the blocks or are they purchased?


Thanks guys !!
Pup , all my builds are all over my room , stuck here and there , haven't run out of room yet , fingers crossed .
Thanks Sharkman , the blocks are molded from Hirstarts molds , the windows and doors are scratch from basswood . Don't use balsa , too soft .

Piet suggested I make the roof with zinc panels , just so happens I have molds for that , thanks Piet my plaster brother .

Shut off those dam flouresent [ sp ? ] lights that made everything pink toned . Used just regular room lighting and got the red/brown color I was going for in the pics .



T , thanks man , you too Mike and Pup , JSteinman how's it going man !!
Piet Bundy , thanks dude !!

Flash and tar the dormers then the paint up .