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Completion Summary


Once you complete your entry in this Group Build post them in this Completed Summary thread for recognition and to have the right to wear the group build Ribbon. Once someone completes an entry in this group build, we will provide a link to the ribbon and proper BBCode to use in your signature.

Please respect the rules of the Group Builds, only those who actually complete their builds within the confines of the rules of these builds will be allowed to show these ribbons on their signatures.

For now, here is a picture of the ribbon and badge that is for this group build -

(Please ignore the slight graphic glitch in the ribbon shadow in this image. It isn't there in the completed version).



Well-known member
I'm calling this one done...I've since fixed the floating tracks- any further weathering I do will wait until I get around to doing a base...


moon puppy

Staff member
Completions everywhere!!

Good job guys, really nice work. Well earned badges.:

Just notice the badge on this thread is not broken down to badge/ribbon. I'll get that fixed today and get you guys sorted out.