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Canopy colors


New member
You guys are rubbing off on me. I’ve started a 1/72 F6F-5N Hellcat by Dragon. I assume the inside of the canopy frame is interior color. can I get this effect by painting the interior color first and then the outside color over it? Also I’m using bare metal foil as a mask. Has anyone else used it? Thanks in advance.BDC895F4-10D5-4097-AA9E-0672EA9AF872.jpeg


Well-known member
Bare Metal Foil works great as a mask.....I got that tip from Terry. And painting the interior color first for the frames is my cheat.

I can't be bothered to try masking the inside.....even if I were to do an open canopy. My patience only goes so far. :lol:


Master at Arms
Yes, that should work fine. Some people go through the pain of masking the inside and painting.

I only tried using bare metal foil once. Left it on too long and it ended up being a pain to take off (about 1 yr)


New member
Thanks for the input. Big Don from the local club gave out surgical #11 blades last Christmas now that’s the only thing I’ll use on BMF