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Asuka (TASKA) 1/24 Bantam Reconnaissance Car

Gives me an idea for a campaign! :hmmm

Good review!


Terry B)
Very nice review Rich, I had no clue there were multiple jeeps back then, guess I assumed that Willy's made them all.
Gary there's a lot of history behind that slatted grill and headlights.
Check out the Wiki on it, it's pretty complete. Willys, Bantam, Ford all competed for the contract and Bantam won but they didn't have the production capablities so they sold rights to build to Ford and Willys, or the other two were given contracts outright, not sure how that worked.

Is the ol' Dog looking at some OD in the future? :hmmm
The whole process was very political, a lot of decisions were made that wouldn't now pass "The Globe & Mail Test" (insert your favourite newspaper's name). Bill Spear, one of the contributors to the kit design, has apparently come across some new documentation regarding the BRC and hopes to have the info incorporated into his website and be back up and running before by 2015, the 75th anniversary of the BRC.