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Anyone build a Zoukei-Mura kit?


Master at Arms
To fill out my need to build Horikoshi designs (have the Wingsy Type 96 and Tamimy Zero), I was looking at a Raiden.

I came across Zoukei-Mura and was amazed at the sprue shots and reviews. I'm particularly interested in the canopy frame being separate from the glazing.

I hear they are very over engineered, even having pistons in the cylinders when they get glued together anyway. The IP dial detail intrigues me as well.

Just curious if any of you folks built their stuff, mine will be here on Friday.


Heavens Eagle

Well-known member
I have this kit as well as several other of the ZM kits Jeff. They all look great and the detail is a it over the top. I am thinking about building either the Horton or the Shinden for the Another World 2. I also have the HK Do335B which would work as well since none of these planes were ever operational.


Active member
I have built two of them. The P-51D which is a fit nightmare if you plan on closing it up and the 48 Ta 152H. I think they are really supposed to be displayed vivisected with all the innards showing but you may have a better kit in the Jack. That is just my opinion though as somebody else may have had a much better result.