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Airfix 1/72 DH-125A

Duke Maddog

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Beautiful work man! I'm always thrilled to see someone build a representation of a vehicle, ship or aircraft that they crewed.


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I was just setting on the patio browsing through old post and found this one.
Very nice build.
Was the aircraft you flew computerized?
I have 2.5 hours, left seat time in a 125-800.
After take off from Iowa City, the copilot allowed me to take his seat.
After the brief, I sat on my hands and only had to type in instructions when we changed course.
The plane landed itself at Orlando International, just type in the instruction.
What a gas, it all looks so different from the front seat.
We were at 41,000 feet, you could see for miles.
When I flew helicopters and small planes I never got over 10,000 feet.
Thanks for the memories.


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No, Frank, this was the first iteration of the DH-125, everything was mechanical in the flight and engine controls. I suppose you could say the autopilot was a computer, but not in the sense that they are now. Definitely a 60's airplane. The 800 was a very different animal with TFE-731's instead of Vipers, glass cockpit with coupled everything. The 125-1A was a very nice handling airplane, I made a landing in Las Vegas once and the copilot asked if we were down yet so he could pull the lift dump handle that brought the spoilers way up and the flaps way down.