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  1. Sharkmouth

    Helion's Europe @ War 35: War in Ukraine Volume 4; Main Battle Tanks

  2. Sharkmouth

    Lend-Lease and Soviet Aviation in the Second World War

    An interesting cover with a Li-2 (DC-3 copy) and a Kittyhawk of this 576-page soft-cover book. Many photos within this book by Vladimir Kotelnikov, I stopped counting after 500, and it encompasses US & UK deliveries of aircraft and engines. Two pages are required to cover the Table of...
  3. Sharkmouth

    Operation Bagration, by Ian Baxter, Casemate Illustrated

    The latest Casemate Illustrated addition to my library is a 128-page book on the Soviets advances in 1944 which lead to the destruction of Army Group Center of the German forces. It is a softcover book with glossy heavy stock for the covers and nice weight semi-matte paper within. This allows...
  4. Sharkmouth

    Red Wings in the Winter War, 19-39-1940, by Carl-Fredrik Geust

    Carl-Fredrik Geust is no stranger to my library. I have been buying his books on Russo-Finnish air wars for several decades. Other titles, like his Red Star series, were often pulled down for reference. When Mushroom Model Publications' (MMP Books) Robert Pe announced this title, I was glad...