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Recent content by Old Dog

  1. Old Dog

    Eindecker IV

    I usually don't bother to agonize over seams on the bottom, only on the top, but that's just me. Solvent weld glues tend to continue to shrink over time as the solvent gradually evaporates. Make sure the joint is well glued then set it aside for a couple of weeks before trying to do any...
  2. Old Dog

    A few things I have NOT been working on

    My apologies to Frank for the title but sometimes my weird sense of humor kicks in and I can't help myself. The following are kits on hold, which is different than the SOD, the SOD kits will probably never be completed I just haven't decided to bin them yet. Kits on hold I fully intend to finish...
  3. Old Dog

    1/32 ICM Gloster Gladiator MkI

    :popcorn :vgood:
  4. Old Dog

    Monogram 1/48 SNJ

    Wow ! Nice ! :vgood:
  5. Old Dog

    Mr Surfacer

    I still use the 1000 and 1200 in gray and 1500 in black as primer but seldom use the 500 for filler, I always had issues with bubbles on the 500 and found it harder to sand than the Bondo spot putty I use almost exclusively these days. The spot putty is easy to smooth and contour with a cotton...
  6. Old Dog

    JU 86 E-2

    I had my tonsils and androids removed when I was very young 🤪
  7. Old Dog

    Fine Molds 1/48 K-14

  8. Old Dog

    Polikarpov I-16/24

    I built their 215 and thoroughly enjoyed it A review, test fit and build can be found here I have their 215B-5 night fighter, the 217N-1 night fighter and 17Z in the stash, hoping for a 217K or M and 17E/F and 17M/P in the future. Sorry for the derail, back to you James !
  9. Old Dog

    Polikarpov I-16/24

    Yep, world of difference in what ICM has been doing the past couple years VS older kits from them. I built the Special Hobby I-16 which wasn't bad but I suspect the ICM kit is better ! I have ICM's I-153 which I'm looking forward to building.
  10. Old Dog

    Planet 1/48 Fairchild PT-19

    Very nice :vgood:
  11. Old Dog


    Nice jug :vgood:
  12. Old Dog


    I'm on their mailing list and get offers all the time, everytime I have checked there shipping in the US is way more than SB but then they are almost a thousand miles further west of me than SB. Glad to hear that their shipping to Canada is less than others.
  13. Old Dog

    A Shelf Queen - TriMaster Fw-190 A8 R11 Night Fighter - Finished

    Very nice 👍 👍 I took another look at my old trimaster kit and decided to bin it, no joy left there. I find it interesting how they did the dipoles, they normally have one set horizontal and the other set vertical on many other planes that I've seen photos of.
  14. Old Dog

    Planet 1/48 Fairchild PT-19

  15. Old Dog


    One thing I have found to be very helpful in cleaning the small passages in airbrushes are Proxabrushes. These are the small brushes sold for cleaning between teeth. I started using them on the advise of my dentist following gum surgery. Just on a whim I tried them for air brush cleaning and...