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Recent content by Heavens Eagle

  1. Heavens Eagle

    der Spatzfalke! The operational Ho-229

    Thanks for looking in Mark! Yeah the watchmaker lathe with the 3 jaw chuck worked out on this. I used the old Squadron green putty and worked it down by hand first. Then in looking at photos, I noticed the slight steps inside. Lucky for me the 3 jaw chuck had 3 areas to grip it and it ran...
  2. Heavens Eagle

    Heya Guys

    Hey DAVE! I understand about the lack of Mojo, it affects me a fair amount. Lately it has hit me a couple of times. I let it go for a week and finally just go in the hobby cave. Then look at what I have been working on and go "I am going to do something even if it is just to glue 2 parts...
  3. Heavens Eagle

    Haynes manual

    I have some of the older car repair manuals. I also have the manual for the Millennium Falcon.
  4. Heavens Eagle

    Franz von Werra's Bf109 E4

    Paddy, Thanks for looking in! I am always inventing ways to solve problems. In doing the research it becomes quite apparent just how crude the fit and finish of these planes were during the war. Thus I don't worry too much about "slight" panel mismatches. If done right it actually can add to...
  5. Heavens Eagle

    der Spatzfalke! The operational Ho-229

    Chris, these kits have an amazing amount of extra (hidden) detail. The kits with piston engines have pistons and rods in them (won't see them) This one is screaming to have some panels left open, but then the sides of the engines can be seen through the cockpit. I suspect that there should...
  6. Heavens Eagle

    der Spatzfalke! The operational Ho-229

    Another quick update on this little beastie. I also took one of my super fine escapement files and thinned down the front stators a bit more. Once painted the front of the engine should be rather interesting if not impressive. Thanks for looking in!
  7. Heavens Eagle

    Franz von Werra's Bf109 E4

    Just a little quick update.
  8. Heavens Eagle

    Junkers f.13

    That is one nice build Uros! Definitely something different! I am not sure I have ever seen that plane before. Again and excellent job!
  9. Heavens Eagle

    Sherman IDF M50

    So far so good Bruce!
  10. Heavens Eagle

    1/35 part of a US base during the Vietnam war.

    That size is well within what Letterman builds. You could split it up into quarters and do it as 4 sections. This should be interesting Piet.
  11. Heavens Eagle

    der Spatzfalke! The operational Ho-229

    Bob, I think ZM kind of had that in mind, but the complexity and fit internally doesn't quite work all that well. Too many tolerances that add up weird. I only built the engines with the front 4 sets of stators in order to give it a decent look down the nose. Mike, thanks for looking in...
  12. Heavens Eagle

    U.S. Fuel Drums

    Looks like they were obsolete by Vietnam. I think you could remove those extra rings though Piet
  13. Heavens Eagle

    Spitfire Mk.I

    Looking good! I like it!
  14. Heavens Eagle

    Ju-87 Stuka

    Apparently the Sturmovic could fly even when filled with holes and damage.