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Recent content by Heavens Eagle

  1. Heavens Eagle

    Nationals anyone?

    Much as I really want to go to Omaha, with the way my extra cash is going out due to all the extra insurance costs I am now having, due to changing to Medicare (yeah 65 sucks) I am going to have to be conservative and stay local this year. Really hate it as I wanted to go, but with my build...
  2. Heavens Eagle

    Gallery Models 1/16 Pz. III J/L/M

    I have wondered about these. I have the new Das Werk Stug III G and Das Werk Panzer III J kits. You just answered my question about where these came from.
  3. Heavens Eagle

    AMT '67 Mustang Fastback

    I see what you mean about the trunk lid. It does show a bit lighter with none of the metallic pattern that is in the rest of the body. Other than that this is looking REALLY GOOD!
  4. Heavens Eagle

    Latest Acquisitions Revisited!

    I remember this kit from way back in the '80's. I was a big Porsche fan back then and was really into this stuff. I even was able to obtain a damaged 1/8 scale version that is if anything an even bigger pig. I would suggest do your research, figure out what you will actually be able to see...
  5. Heavens Eagle

    2022 Plastic Surgeon Meeting posts.

    You know Chris, you kind of hit my thoughts on the matter square on the head. The local chapter has declined to just a get together on the last Saturday of the month at 10am. I usually do sleep catch up on Saturday and I have gotten rather "Who gives a crap" as no one wants to do ANYTHING! I...
  6. Heavens Eagle

    Scammell Pioneer FINISHED

    Overall an excellent build Paddy! I really like the fact that while there is a lot of scratches and paint chips, it isn't all rusty. In many cases I believe the added rust on builds is over done. In the desert environment there would virtually no rust except on exhaust pipes and even then it...
  7. Heavens Eagle

    Italeri B-26K

    Really nice build John! I would have loved to have built one of these in 1/32 but alas, the Trumpeter kit is horrible so I finally just went with the ICM kit which is supposed to be really nice.
  8. Heavens Eagle

    Update on Bob Letterman

    Happy Birthday Bob! Hope all this passes quickly and you are able to return home to what you enjoy doing!
  9. Heavens Eagle

    VE Day Europe May 8 1945

    Thanks for the link James. It was very interesting! I had never heard of that unit before.
  10. Heavens Eagle

    "Not Happy About Getting a Haircut" completed

    I think the guy in the recliner looks like Peter Lorre.
  11. Heavens Eagle

    "Not Happy About Getting a Haircut"

    I think the guy in the recliner looks like Peter Lorre.
  12. Heavens Eagle

    Update on Bob Letterman

    I talked with Bob briefly a few weeks ago and he was under the weather then. Have not been able to give him a shout since because my worthless phone service (T-Mobile) decided to upgrade the local tower in the area where I work and my phone has not worked there since. It is a Samsung Note 10+...
  13. Heavens Eagle

    Revell P-51D-5NA

    Oh my!
  14. Heavens Eagle

    42nd Highland Infantry Regiment "Black Watch" at the Battle of Quatre Bras, June, 1815

    You might try some kind of a drying retarder with the paint you are using Steve! I have a lot of trouble with paint drying too fast as well and a retarder slows the drying time and increases the working time.