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Scale Model Addict


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I concur completely James...ordered issue one and thoroughly enjoyed it! Doesn't hurt to see a good number of folks I know and respect writing the articles either...looking forward to issue #2 in March!

Iron Mike

Master At Arms
Staff member
Hoping they stay on their schedule of production. I was a subscriber to MMIR for several years, the mag would show up in the hobby shops weeks before I got mine and the wankers had MY money. Needless to say, I solved that problem.

Ken Abrams

Thanks for the review James, glad to hear you enjoyed the magazine.

I'm also very glad to read your comments on the advertising, or lack there of? While we do and will continue to have advertising in the magazine, our aim is to produce a modeling magazine full of modeling content. Not 'news' (which is six weeks behind the internet) not reviews (which are also found all over the internet) and not page after page after page of advertisement with an occasional model build in between.

Hoping they stay on their schedule of production.

Mike, the only thing we have in common with MMiR, is that we're American based. Issue two is already complete and will be on time. :v


Updated Review Scale Model Addict

Well I just hooked up with issue 2 of this very nice magazine. I tried the emag version this time. Definately get a subscription if you havent already. It is a great read. There seem to be more articles in this issue and they are pretty diverse, from Bikes to Tanks, to the Sea and beyond. One of the articles is from our own Dr Steinman on his Matilda. Using Pocket Mags ereader on my computer it was easy to blow up the page to read the text and the pictures did not lose any fidelity. A great way to check out some dtails. If you use a tablet or IPad then it will be so easy to place on your work bench and try out some of the techniques. My thanks to my wallet this time.
Ken et al this is a mighty fine magazine.


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James I dont want to solicit, but how can I score the first issue? Never heard of this mag but I'm going shopping. Thanks CR :yipee