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Photo Review: DioPark's 1/35th Scale Truck with UB-32 Rockets 2020-05-17

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Cool. I should get this one. I got the other with the rockets in the truck bed. Almost done but lost a part and put away. Should just finish it I guess. The kits go together very well or at least mine did. A thoroughly enjoyable build.
Thanks Saul.


If I remember it was a guard or foot step. Will have to look again. I imagine it is required on your kit as well.
Yeah here it is. C3

I can probably make this but at the time I was having issues and any little problem was a mountain. Will dig it out and finish I think.

moon puppy

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Neat truck to make most any field mod weapon system.


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C3 is the spare wheel cradle and C37 the spare wheel mount. The mount swivels down on the cradle (where you are asked to glue it.

Note the mount is missing here:

This short wheelbase Mitsubishi Fuso Canter truck doesn't even have a spare wheel cradle/mount on the frame:

Now look on the behind the cab...
I am sure you can make that... ;)

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