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Mig 21 the Chech girls

SA Dave

Active member
I got this 1/72 Mastercraft kit from Martin (Malepo) last year

And the Girls

Hope to have some progress pics soon


Information Overload
Staff member
Well, this is going to be interesting!

The model of MiG-21 is the MiG-21MA (Izdeliye 96A, NATO "Fishbed-J"). The Czechoslovak Air Force redesignated its MiG-21Ms that had been re-engined with the Tumanskiy R13-300 engine as "MiG-21MA," keeping the RP-21MA radar. Some of these were later re-equipped with the RP-22 radar - bringing it to MiG-21MF standard - and were then redesignated "MiG-21MF." This causes some confusion as the construction number doesn't change.

Anyway, here is a build of the kit that can alert you to the issues:


SA Dave

Active member
Thanks Saul. I should have gone and looked there before I started.

I think mine is from an newer batch where the moulds have degenrated even further. :vmad

But all in all it will still be a fun little build it might just take me a while longer.

Will make a great testbed for my first NMF though.

moon puppy

Staff member
How can that be confusing?? :woohoo:

You got that from Martin you best do it justice Bubba! :popcorn

SA Dave

Active member
It might bloody well help if there were numbers on the sprue. Just found that the little thingy I have no clue what it was supposed to be was just an very badly formed control Stick - I HOPE.

Yes I better do my best on this one. I am sure I am not hearing any laughter from Germany.


Well after the extreme difficulties of your last build, I should expect you should be able to breeze through this one quickly and easily and do a bang up job at least as good as anything Martin has churned out :evil:


Well-known member
Dave thats spelled Czech. and be carefull of the front wheel as it is fairly flimsy.

SA Dave

Active member
Re: Mig 21 the Czech girls

Alright I finaly finished this one ( :facepalm took me long enough)

Its mounted on a wooden stand nose up. I want to add 2 more iconic silver darts from the 60's to it F104C and as soon as Airfix releases it the BAC Lightning. :pilot

Iron Mike

Master At Arms
Staff member
Re: Mig 21 the Czech girls

I felt a disturbance in The Force, something I've not felt since...


Rock on, Dave! With time to spare even. (y) :drinks

phantom II

Master at Arms
Re: Mig 21 the Czech girls

Hey Dave that came out pretty cool. Will really look good in a trio . What scale ?

Cheers, Christian B)