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CSM Nieuport XVII Early 2020-05-04

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jknaus submitted a new resource:

CSM Nieuport XVII Early - One of Copper State Models first 1/32 aicraft kits.

The Copper State Models Nieuport XVIIs came out a couple of years ago and is a 1/32 plastic kit. Packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with a colourful cardboard cover it is well packaged.
The Nieuport XVII is a sesquiplane construction which in a literal translation means 1 1/2 wings. The top wing being twice as big as the lower. It was also thought of as a V strut. From what I understand the capture of a V Strut aircraft lead the Germans to develop the Albatros D.III and D. V/Va. It was...
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Looks like a fun build... I found some scans of the instructions manual on Hyperscale and they are very reminiscent of the WNW ones barring the detailed walk around and historical photos. I'd love to see an 11 from them...


James do you have this kit?
How does it compare to WnW stuff?
Hi Bob, yes thats why you asked for a review. I have 1 early and 2 late kits. I also have some CSM decals coming to do an Italian machine. It is for the late model. As I mentioned I would put these kits up there with the WNW kits for quality and instructions and looks.

These fill a nice little niche corner and I expect the 21 and 23 to be just as nice.
I also have some figures and 2 of their WWI vehicles.
The Romfell and Lanchester and looking forward to the Minerva.

And here are the 4 Late schemes.

moon puppy

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Thanks James, world turning too fast for me to remember from one week to another.

That's some really nice stuff, dig that guys turnbuckles! That don't look like Gaspatch stuff. Looks like a good mix of techniques.

I was checking out the website earlier, they have some nice accessories also.


Yeah the turnbuckles look like 2 eyelets with some micro tube. I posted a tool that was given to me to make eyelets a while back. Will have to try and find it. The figures are pretty nice. I got a couple. For the one aicraft I'll have the pilot checking his service weapon before climbing in the cockpit.