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Blending in a canopy by Martin


This is a SBS presented by Martin in his Spirit build here

So, Terry, here we go the requested SBS on filling with white spirit

These are the main tools I use. Main point here - the filler has to be thin able with White Spirit. My Filler is a so called universal filler by Glasurit, but there are for sure others around. Some other tools will appear in the coming pics.

Why white spirit? Cause it will not harm Future.

One main tool is missing in this picture; it's a human finger. I'm using a male finger of about 12 cm length and aprox 1.8 cm diameter.

Well here we are again .... no comment

Very important: cover the complete area with Future and let this dry at least for a week! Future is drying very quick to the touch but to have it rock hard you need to wait for a week or longer, depends of the thickness of the coat.

Thin some of the filler with white spirit. Not too much just to get it a little more creamy. This is just because it then does not dry that fast :)

Apply the thinned filler - I'm using an old brush ... well anything that works for you

the next step is to get rid of the excess - Here I'm using a soft plastic spatula which came with some glue, a wooden spatula would work fine too. Anything which is soft enough not to scratch the clear part or better the Future.

Now the human finger is needed. Cover it with some cotton rag and stip it into white spirit

and just wipe way the filler excess.

Last touch up and you're done

pretty simple ...

Sometimes you need to do this 2 or 3 times cause the thinned filler could sink a little and then you need to refill some areas - as always just a little patience

That's it!

Thanks for stepping by