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Adventures from Hooterville


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Iron Mike

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An anti-goatite?

Regarding the table, sometimes better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Just sayin'...

Heavens Eagle

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I guess he doesn't want the goat poo that goes with the lawn service. Then there is the "War Dept" vote which almost always overrides all other votes.

"So it is ixnay on the goats even though they would keep the yard trimmed?"



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I cain't abide a goat. I like sheep a little less than I do goats. It's lucky you ain't got a Llama barn.

moon puppy

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Concrete poured for new car port

And work pad behind the shed

At some point in time we're going to build a lean-to against the shed over the pad. I'm going to install the compressor out there. I'm going to use it for various things, mostly to keep stuff out of the shop that doesn't need climate control.
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moon puppy

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Ok...WOW!! that was fast!
IKR, I was expecting months of waiting but he had an opening and we took it!

Where's the puppy prints and initials???

Looks great! :vgood:
I debated it, there were puppy prints at the old place, long forgotten pups who had run of the neighborhood. But no etched in stone memorials this time.
We did fine some foot prints in it, the guy had his son with him, think he made a mistake and walked over it. He's going to try and get them out, if not no biggy.

As my concrete guy always says (in a thick Portuguese accent) "concrete no take lunch".
Just a southern draw here but he is multilingual with his spanish crew. :rotf

moon puppy

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Here's the end product of the car port pad.



And the pad at the shed. The discoloration is from where some kid walked across the wet cement and tried to hid it. The installer tried to smooth it it, it'll bleach out over time.

I got quote for new carport on, turned out it's the same group who installed the original one some 20+ years ago. The quote was very reasonable and we're going to do it. The quote for the hardware to do the lean-to off the back of the shed was over half of what the carport is. Doesn't make sense to me. So I'm going to drop the compressor to the right where you see that cutoff service. Build a simple over hang and use some fencing material around it to reduce the noise. Maybe sometime in the future i'll build a full on lean-to but not out of metal and not for that price.
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Looking good. Bummer about the kid messing up the pad. Maybe do a polyurethane paint coat over it? A grey and then some sand for grip. Weather proof and would look uniform.