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A What's in the Box Review: Hobby Zone's Wet Pallet


Master at Arms
Hey Eric, Great review!

I never knew such a thing existed! So, stupid question.... You could mix up some paint and leave the excess in this thing with the lid on for a couple days, in case you need to use it again??

How much does one go for?


I Start'em but Never Finish'em
Staff member
That's kind of the whole point of the wet pallet. As long as there is water in the sponge the paint will last days...maybe weeks. For Acrylic paints of course...and that's not a stupid question


I Start'em but Never Finish'em
Staff member

To be honest you could make one easy. But I like HZ product and everything is made for it...I guess I'm lazy :needcoffee:

Iron Mike

Master At Arms And Resident Curmudgeon
Staff member
I made one several years ago, but keep forgetting to use it. This one looks like it's better, definitely smaller and could stay on the bench. Nice video presentation!