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3/4 Cav. armor and 1 Aussie


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NEAT! DID not know the Aussies used the M551! I watched a movie recently titled DANGER CLOSE about the VN battle at Long Tan...quite the fight!


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This was not in 3/4 Cav., but division Arty.
RPG battle damage.
Unless they come out with these in 1/48th scale I won't be building these. James O'Leary asked me to post my pics of our M-113's a while ago and to acknowledge his excellent VN work and to honor his late Dad, I decided to post all of what I have. The Aussie truck is the one painted tan color on the previous post. Thanks to all. Gary S. XXXXV XX XX

moon puppy

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Excellent photos Gary, that green is almost black in some shots. Interesting dio ideas also, love the Airborne Patton!


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Thanks for posting all of these photos, Gary. Lots of good diorama reference material for sure. Thanks for your service.


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Thanks James!!The color film back then made olive drab looks a little dark. Too much blue? Sometimes it looked more brown. Film? What's film?? Gary S. XXXXV XX XX

Duke Maddog

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I noticed that OD color being so dark. I was going to paint mine a different color until you mentioned this Gary. Thanks! Love these pics!


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The OD color was more like the photos of the M-113 with RPG damage and the one having an engine change. Gary S. XXXXV XX XX