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Woodland Scenics Landscape Learning Set

Woodland Scenics Landscape Learning Set
We have all wanted to try and build a diorama at some point in time. Woodland Scenics has made that a bit easier for us with these learning sets. This particular one is a Landscape set.


It contains 7 different types of ground cover. Also included is a bottle of Scenic Cement, a spray head for the glue as well as a small bottle of Earth Undercoat.



Everything is enclosed in a nice plastic clamshell container. I can almost see using this plastic container for smash modling after it is empty as well. Instructions are printed on the back of the box as well.


Everything fits pretty nicely in the container.


Included are one bag of Green blended turf.


A bag of Yellow fine turf. The bag in my set wasn't sealed the whole way so a bit had spilled out. No big deal really since it would be easy to clean up and use right out of the container.


A bag of Medium Green Clump foliage. looks like this would make some convincing small bushes and shrubs.


A bag of Soil fine turf. This is almost a dark brown or black color. You could probably also just get away with using normal dirt instead if you prefer.


A bag of Medium Green coarse turf. Looks like this stuff would look good as moss.


A bag of Eart fine turf. A nice lighter brown colored soil.


A bag of burnt grass. NIce for that late summer look.


A small bottle of Earth Undercoat. This is about the size of a Mini bottle of Tamiya paint. The color is almost an olive drab color. The directions state to mix this with two bottles of water and paint it over the surface before placing the grass and soil.


A fairly nice size bottle of scenic cement and sprayhead.

I'd say for a price of 15 dollars this is a nice set to get you started on making a diorama base. I picked mine up on Amazon. Woodland Scenics also markets sets to create water, roads, rocks, and other subjects. Now it's time to make that diorama I've been thinking of.
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