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Stalingrad German Infantrymen at rest.

Today I'd Like to introduce a company that I believe is fairly new to the scene. Stalingrad is a company from Russia and their website is http://stalingrad.diorama.ru/


I have seen these figures at a few online stores and really liked the poses. I didn't know who the company was though and held off until I could be sure they were worth the money. After seeing some used in Le2's work, I knew I had to bite the bullet and get the set.
I was not disappointed. Encased in a sturdy cardboard box, each figure comes in a baggy with another small baggy of arms and kit.
The figures are well proportioned and in various poses of a resting squad. They look very natural in their poses and their kit lies naturally. The resin they are cast in is a light grey. They feel like they still have some mold release so a washing is in order. Painting looks like it may be a challenge in some places because of the pose and the equipment already attached, but nothing insurmountable. The detail is crisp and quite well done. So with some careful painting a true masterpiece is just waiting to be created.


This set isn't inexpensive, but for 10 resin figures it isn't unreasonable either. I paid $115.00 on EBay, but I have seen them at Colorado Miniatures also, but at a bit more being $150.00 there.
You can buy each figure individually if you don't need all 10. I feel they are quite worth the money and look forward to a couple of other sets. My next will probably be the Russian artillery crew as they look quite nice.
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