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Scale Model Addict

A new hobby magazine catering to all aspects of plastic modelling has arrived on the scene. Scale Model Addict is a glossy high quality magazine.
Weighing in at 68 pages this magazine has a cover price of $12.00 US. Subscriptions are available and it looks like an e edition will soon be ready.


Issue one is quite the introductory issue. High grade glossy paper should ensure the magazine is readable no matter how many times you thumb through it. The articles are well written and encompass a number of genres. It should be of interest to everyone no matter what your interest. Even those subjects you might not normal peruse have interesting techniques etc that can be used on others.
Advertising is minimal and what really caught my attention was, they are unobtrusive. They don't come part way through a read, nor do they overwhelm the reader. Actually they blend in with the format of the magazine. Really refreshing. Now I've read that there are some issues inherent to a first edition, but to tell you the truth I cant see them and I had no problems with it.
The photographs are quite good and large enough that you can clearly see what is being talked about in the text. The descriptions enhance what you are seeing. In addition there is a nice readers picture section showcasing various  other works.
I would wholeheartedly endorse this magazine and will definitely be getting a subscription. Speaking of subscriptions here is where you can obtain this excellent magazine .
My thanks to Ken Abrams for this copy and look forward to many more years of fine reading. Good luck Ken and Scott on this venture.
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