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Please Welcome Chukw to the TnT Staff

Let me first tell everyone how glad we all are that you like the new site. Lots of work went into building this site with you all in mind, what you all would like to see and trying to make it easy to work with. I'm floored that we have over 200 users in the first week!

Now with all the new features of the site we had to draft...recruit some new staff members to help with the work load, please give a warm welcome to Chuck Wojtkiewicz, A.K.A chukw.


Chuck will be assisting us all on the moderation of the forums and a guiding spirit and mentor for our graphics department and some upcoming events that will be announced later. We all have enjoyed Chucks wonderful work in progress builds and the characters he has helping him teach us advance scratch building and detail work. I first saw his work on one of the big 1:72 scale U-Boats a couple of years ago. Then there was the ever popular Helldiver build where we saw all his artistic talents come into play with cartoon narration from Lil' Chuck . Today we're following the adventures of Fritzi and Hannah as Chuck builds the Me-410.

A little background from Chukw:

I'm chukw, aka Chuck Wojtkiewicz, living in Redondo Beach California, USA with my wife Marc and our English Bulldog Dynamite. I'm the lead concept art at blur studio, creators of superior cg animation. I keep tropical fish, do a bit of gardening, faithfully execute my honey-do list- and sneak off to glue little bits of things together in arcane and mysterious ways. That last bit has been going on for pretty much my whole life.

It was 1963 when I got an Aurora Batman model for my birthday, and I've been hooked ever since. I built whatever I could, and when my brother bought a Guillow's Fokker D-VII, I had to follow suit with a their Sopwith Camel. Shep Paine's wonderful little flyers in the Monogram kits of the 70's showed me that modeling wasn't just fun- it was an art and way of telling stories. After college I joined the Flying Aces Club, delighted to learn that you could make scale stick-and-tissue rubber band models really fly. Our move to California in 2001 took me away from North Carolina's vast flying sites, and, like so many others, became reintroduced to styrene and its new cousins, cast resin and photo-etched brass. Add in the wonder of digital photography and the internet, and we have the current zenith in the modeling arts! It's great to be a part of it- and hope to promote our hobby and encourage more to join in. Cheers!


It is an honor to have Chuck here on TnT just as a contributer, much less on staff with us now, How about a big warm welcome to Chuck and remember, let's not work him to hard, he has a day job!
moon puppy
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