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Passion Models US Army Badge and Insignia Decal Set

I received an early example of this decal sheet and wrote back a correction sheet of things to be improved.  Not hearing back from them, I ordered a fourth sheet from my favorite eBay store and I see that nothing was changed.  In any case, it is a good decal sheet for 1/35th scale figures.


Yes, the word "Insignia" is mispelt as "Insgnia" and no mention is made that there are of WWII vintage uniform accoutements and graffiti.  Inside a re-sealable cellophane slip case is the sheet of decals (covered with wax paper), a set of instructions (only in Japanese), and a stiffening sheet of heavy paper.  The decals are slightly thick and printed glossy.  The thickness is not really an issue as there are mostly patches.  These are divided in to three sections with the fourth being graffiti.
Infantry Division

  1. 1st Infantry Division “Big Red One”
  2. 2nd Infantry Division “Indianhead Division”
  3. 3rd Infantry Division “Marne Division”
  4. 4th Infantry Division “Ivy Division”
  5. 5th Infantry Division “Red Diamond Division”
  6. 29th Infantry Division “Blue and Gray Division”
  7. 34th Infantry Division “Red Bull Division”
  8. Rangers
  9. 6th Infantry Division “Sightseeing Sixth Division”
  10. 8th Infantry Division “Pathfinder Division”
  11. 9th Infantry Division “Old Reliable”
  12. 10th Mountain Division “Climb to Glory Division”
  13. 30th Infantry Division “Old Hickory Division”
  14. 26th Infantry Division “Yankee Division”
  15. 35th Infantry Division “Santa Fe Division”
  16. 36th Infantry Division “Texas Division”
  17. 42nd Infantry Division “Rainbow Division”
  18. 44th Infantry Division “Prepared In All Things Division”
  19. 45th Infantry Division “Thunderbird Division”
  20. 63rd Infantry Division “Blood and Fire Division” NOTE: On a pear-shaped olive drab background 5.72 cm (2¼ in.) wide and 8.89 cm (3½ in.) long, a scarlet flame of five rays superimposed by an upright gold sword in pale, charged with a scarlet drop of blood.
  21. 65th Infantry Division “Battle-Axe Division”
  22. 66th Infantry Division “Black Panther Division”
  23. 69th Infantry Division “Fighting Sixty-Ninth" Division”
  24. 70th Infantry Division “Trailblazers”
  25. 71st Infantry Division “The Red Circle Division”
  26. 75th Infantry Division “Make Ready Division”
  27. 76th Infantry Division “Onaway Division/Liberty Bell Division”
  28. 78th Infantry Division “Lightning Division”
  29. 79th Infantry Division “Cross of Lorraine Division”
  30. 80th Infantry Division “Blue Ridge Division” NOTE: White bordered shield of green upon which are superimposed three azure blue mountain peaks.
  31. 83rd Infantry Division “Thunderbolt Division”
  32. 84th Infantry Division “Railsplitters"”
  33. 85th Infantry Division “Custer Division” NOTE: Should be on an Olive background
  34. 87th Infantry Division “Golden Acorn” NOTE: The Acorn should be centered and with a blue outline in turn outlined in green again.
  35. 88th Infantry Division “Fighting Blue Devils/Clover Leaf Division” NOTE: shape is off and it should have a dark blue outline within.
  36. 89th Infantry Division “Rolling W" Division” NOTE: Should be circular, not oval.
  37. 90th Infantry Division “Tough Hombres” NOTE: Should be on OD background.
  38. 91st Infantry Division “Wild West Division”
  39. 92nd Infantry Division “Buffalo Soldiers Division” NOTE": should have OD background.
  40. 94th Infantry Division “Neuf Cats Division” NOTE: Should have Black Outline
  41. 97th Infantry Division “Trident Division”
  42. 99th Infantry Division “Checkerboard Division” NOTE: Should have green outline.
  43. 100th Infantry Division “Century Division” NOTE: It should have a dark blue outline.
  44. 102nd Infantry Division “Ozark Division”
  45. 103rd Infantry Division “Cactus Division” NOTE: It should have a dark green outline.
  46. 104th Infantry Division “Timberwolf Division” NOTE: Should have a dark green outline and details added.
  47. 106th Infantry Division “Golden Lions Division”
  48. 1st Infantry Division Helmet Marking
  49. 3rd Infantry Division Helmet Marking
  50. 29th Infantry Division Helmet Marking
  51. 90th Infantry Division Helmet Marking
  52. 90th Infantry Division Helmet Marking
  53. 2nd Rangers Helmet Marking

Airborne & Armor Division

  1. 82nd Airborne Division “All American Division”
  2. 101st Airborne Division “Screaming Eagles”
  3. 9th Airborne Division NOTE: phantom unit which never existed.
  4. 13th Airborne Division “Black Cat Division”
  5. 17th Airborne Division “Golden Talons”
  6. 18th Airborne Division NOTE: phantom unit which never existed
  7. 1st Armored Division “Old Ironsides”
  8. 2nd Armored Division “Hell on Wheels”
  9. 3rd Armored Division “Spearhead”
  10. Blank Armored Division badge
  11. Tank Destroyer Badge

Rank Insignia

  1. Private 1st Class
  2. Corporal
  3. Technical 5th Grade
  4. Sergeant
  5. Technical Sergeant
  6. Platoon Sergeant
  7. 1st Sergeant
As seen in the notes, some improvements could have been made but weren't.  The majority of the sheet is quite usable and my intention was to have the 84th Infantry patches for the captured Pz.Kpfw. II  used by the Rail Splitters and the 104th for the captured and used StuG III Ausf. G.
First release
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