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iModelKit App for the i Crowd...

I realize this isn't really new kit news or the like-- but I am finding this to be a real awesome and useful tool...sort of like a reference book /components/com_kunena/template/default/images/emoticons/wink.png. I know Bob just got a Droid and while I can't find any information on whether it is available there, there may be something like it worth looking for.

It is a free app-- but can be purchased if you want to avoid the ads (although I don't seem to even see them anyways!). Now on to what is included...forgive my attempted screen pics...I don't know how to capture a screen shot on the Touch or if it is even possible so I used my camera.

First off are the color charts...there are color charts of the following:

*ANA (Army-Navy Aeronautical)
*Federal Standard 595c (?)
*RAL (Reichsausschuß für Lieferbedingungen und Gütesicherung)
*Vallejo Model Color
*Mr. Hobby Aqueous Hobby Color

These charts come directly from the manufacturer's website information and include color "chips".



The developer claims that the chips, due to reference and device limitations, are only given as an approximation...but I find them to be pretty close. It was great working on the Lanc yesterday and when I was using some copied online instructions for parts not included in the original kit and needed to know what colors to paint, I didn't have to go searching online or turning away from where I was...I could just bring up the app and there they were.

One other great function was when you touch on the paint chip-- it shows a larger chip and on the bottom a section to cross reference the color to other manufacturers chips...these can also be touched on to be brought up.

Color Mixer
A tool that helps find the best mix of paint for a given color. There are an assortment of slots-- so you touch on one and enter the manufacturer and the paint choice...and then continue to touch and enter others and on the screen will show up an approximation on what the mix would look like. There are sliders that you can use to change the ratios as well.


Scale Computation
Here is basically a scale tool, but so much more. You enter your dimensions, and the scales you want to convert from, as well as the units you want to use, and it does the rest.


At the top is an option to change the shape which is a good feature for scratch builders. I haven't quite figured out how it works...but as you can see you can switch from sheet styrene to different types of rods, strips, tubing, etc...all offered in any Evergreen hobby shop display.



If you swipe left, you will get a virtual cutting pad to help you visualize your piece.



Finally, on any of the above features (other than the charts), you can save your research as a note-- which you can come back to later if something draws you away from your bench.

All told, this is a pretty sweet application for modelers-- I haven't quite figured out how to use them all, but then again, I have a lot of room to grow as a modeler as well. I contacted the designer to ask about adding an option to have an inventory of your paints-- even something as simple as an option to check "Have" or "Need" and they mentioned that that was something they were trying to implement.  It appears that as interest in the app grows, id6 is planning on some new features and is always looking to add paint charts from other companies if they are asked to do so...so the potential is there to see this app grow into something really amazing.  For now though, I am finding it quite useful and as long as you don't mind the ads, the app is free.  You can purchase the ad-free version for $6.99 from the Apple store though.
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