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German Mountain Troops 1939-42, By Yves Beraud, Casemate Illustrated

Another Casemate Illustrated addition to my library is a 128-page book on the German Mountain Troops from 1939-1942. The author, Yves Beraud, is new to me but is certain to become a favorite. He is the author of the original treatise which has been translated and will be published in two parts. The French language original, published in 2017 by Editions Memorabilia, is Gebirgstruppen: Les troupes de montagne allemandes 1935-1945 en coleurs.

It is a softcover book with glossy heavy stock for the covers and nice weight semi-matte paper within. This allows for a high reproduction quality so the limitations one finds are with the photograph itself. A nice feature of the covers is that both are extended and folded over allowing them to be used as a bookmark to hold one's pot during reading or for that photograph one needs.


As one can see, the Table of Contents actually starts in 1935, as in the original French language book but stops with the Gebirgstruppen's efforts in Norway and Finland in 1942.

Unlike other Casemate Illustrated books, this one doesn't offer any color profiles at all. Instead, a large percentage of the photographs and artwork are in full color.

The text, translated by Alan McKay, is quite readable and the captions are accurate when cross-referencing to other books on the subject.

A great addition are the appendices which cover an Organizational Chart, Tactical Signs, and Abbreviations (the latter two seen in the photo below).

The book rounds up with a list of sources used as well as an index. I eagerly await the second volume.
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