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Art Of Modelling - Introduction & Review!

Please allow me to introduce to you the magazine
Art Of Modelling


Founded by Nico Monnoye, this Belgium magazine focuses on explaining how masters of our hobby acchieve their results. Sven Frisch, the editor in chief of the german issue sent me an example of the fourth german issue, covering works from Adam Wilder, Mike Rinaldi, Miguel Jimenez, Kristof Pulinckx, Erik Helm, Emmanuel Nouaillier and the cooperation of Sven Frisch with Robert Doepp.
The quality of the works presented is outstanding and not limited to simply show results from different steps but the articles explain the approach to the finished model very detailed in an easy to understand way so that the reader may be encouraged to try one or two techniques featured.
I have to admit that when sven asked me if i could write a review, my very first thought was "yeah, what else! another modelling magazine! why doesn't he ask me to count the grains on a sandy beach? that would be as exciting!" but when i received the copy and overflew the magazine the first time i was pleasantly surprised!

Something completely new to me was that whole builds are covered in every aspect of details and each step is documented and explained! This in particular makes the difference from a good modelling magazine to an outstanding magazine!
Figures, model kits and dioramas are shown from the beginning as naked kit to jawdropping finishes one always tends to stare at, unable to stop drooling and wondering how the final result was acchieved!
To help the reader to understand and to learn what is needed, each article features a summary on tools and paints needed to gain the same result!
Conclusion: Although that at the moment this magazine is published in dutch, french and german only it is also very useful for the english speakers due to the self explanatory step by step pictures and the summaries of what is needed. At a price of 7,50€ per issue (domestic sale! International sale 8,80€ plus shipping) you get a bi monthly magazine with 68 pages of highly detailed, very informative articles that are very helpful in increasing one's own skills! Not much money for what you get!
You can check out a sample issue in either french or dutch language on the homepage of Art Of Modelling!
Highly recommended!
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