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Hey John, what would you charge for a set of 1/32 Spitfire paint masks? It will be for a late model Spit.
This just in! In Another World 2 starts July 1, 2020! Check it out at Campaign HQ.
Iron Mike
Iron Mike
We have a forum created for In Another World 2, find it under Current Campaigns.
Greetings and Welcome to our little slice of craziness!. I am certain that you will find us to be a great group of modelers and a great resource for this fantastic hobby!

A poll has been posted for consideration in the Modeler's Lounge for a MA YouTube Channel
Been down with the flu (not Covid) for the past couple of weeks...good to go now!
Heading to the bench for the afternoon. Hope everyone can find a little time there yourselves.
Iron Mike
Iron Mike
I had a date with the lawnmower.
Anyone got a 1/35 Kettenkrad that they want to unload?
moon puppy
moon puppy
Actually I think so. I'll check next time I'm in the garage.