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Hey, I didn't know we can do this on our profile pages and I run the damn site! Nice job Tony!
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Yes,was just trying things out when I re discovered the site
Getting an extra hour of sleep by turning the clocks back in 2020 is like getting a bonus track on a Yoko Ono album.
I thought you said this was a Bf-108 but yours is the 109. Oh well thanks anyway.
Heavens Eagle
Heavens Eagle
I have the 108 as well but have not done much more than look at the cockpit on it. I thought you had the 109 kit. Oh well, enjoy Paul! It was good seeing you at the meeting!
You too my friend.
Paul, here is a link to the Bf-109 I am building. I would really suggest making the spar as it really strengthens the wing and sets the dihedral properly. There might be a few other things you might find in my build.

Here's the link:
Franz von Werra's Bf109 E4
Hey John, what would you charge for a set of 1/32 Spitfire paint masks? It will be for a late model Spit.
This just in! In Another World 2 starts July 1, 2020! Check it out at Campaign HQ.
Iron Mike
Iron Mike
We have a forum created for In Another World 2, find it under Current Campaigns.
Greetings and Welcome to our little slice of craziness!. I am certain that you will find us to be a great group of modelers and a great resource for this fantastic hobby!

A poll has been posted for consideration in the Modeler's Lounge for a MA YouTube Channel
Been down with the flu (not Covid) for the past couple of weeks...good to go now!