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Bv 222 Seenotdienst - Build # 2


Master at Arms
Thanks guys!

Working on a bit more, slow progress these last couple weeks.

Interior coming together!


starting to add some colour and test fitting the nose



Master at Arms
Does it come with beaching gear ?
Cheers, Christian

Hey, Christian! Unfortunately, no. Revell fell short in including some with this otherwise fine kit.

CMK did produce a nice little resin "Dockwagon"

but trying to find one these days is tough. I do have one for my other Bv 222 that I'll build later as an actual aircraft, maybe in the winter scheme, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this kit yet. Could try and scratch one using the other as a template.

phantom II

Master at Arms
That's an idea . It does not look beyond your ability .
I guess they were trying to keep the price of the kit down but there are not that many alternatives .
I remember building the Pete and it had a float option , so that it could sit flat .
Cheers, Christian


Master at Arms
Well, it has been a little while but I did make some small progress and happend to find a Dock Wagon at Hannats!


Since there will be no gun positions on the wings, I have to fill the openings (just with some sheet styrene)