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Useful metal wire processing methods

0.1mm - 1.0mm Brass or Copper wire are widely used as the simplest detail up material.

So as first lesson I introduce my metal wire processing methods.

Some may have seen these methods before - Yes, these are already shown in my site, but this time I added comments in English and edited these again.

1. The bending that emphasized an edge:

Almost modelers know it from experience; When you bend a no processed metal wire, roundness equivalent to the diameter of the wire appears at the corner.

So when you do the bending that emphasized an edge, you need processing as follows on the part to bend





2. The making of uniform interval coil spring:

It is very easy to make a coil spring by metal wire. But it is very difficult to make a uniform interval coil spring in measurement by the eye.

In this case, if you prepare a supporting wire with the diameter needed for the interval, you can make it very easy:





3. The making of a spent shell basket:

This method helps for various uses e.g. as cases to make the light cover of a Sherman tank or the spent shell basket of a german Flak.

So, you should learn to do this as basics of the metal scratch build.

If you watch the following photos, you can see the idea of the approach based on my technique:

1. The part which you can adjust easily later, you do not cut it to the exact size. Cut it to a size that allows you to work with easy!

2. When proceeding consider your further approach - more easily, more precisely and so on!

Well, I think that considering over processes are the powerful charm and the best pleasure of modeling. What do you think?






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