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The Americans from Normandy to the German Border

I found this book by Pen and Sword quite interesting as the format is to have minimal text and a large amount of photographs. This particular book is on the Americans journey from Normandy from august to mid-December of 1944. Authored and captioned by Brooke S Blades, there are 204 pages with text and images plus four blank ones to take notes on. Over 250 photographs are included with captions.
The Table of Contents have the following:
  • Acknowledgements
  • An Army in France
    • Map of the Falaise Gap
  • Inferno in Normandy
  • 'The day the war should have ended'
  • To the Border
    • Map showing normandy to the German Border
  • 'When in doubt, lash out'
    • Map of Operation 'Market Garden'
    • Map of Division Landings and Disposition
    • Map of Disposition of the 3rd Bn. 2200 Hrs 18 Sept. 1944
  • 'Not one shall be forgotten'
  • 'We need more ammunition if we are going to keep fighting this war'
  • 'The men in town are going to take a beating'
    • Map of the Siegfried Line Campaign
  • Image Credits
  • Notes
  • References
There are quite a few new images for me and the captions are simple and seem accurate. I really do wish they had numbered the photographs but I guess that is the reason for having the blank pages to take notes?
TheImage Credits section is a nice addition as it lists the photo number from the archives should one want to rder them. The Notes explain where the information came (foot notes in the chapters) and the References list the documents used.
A very nice addition to the library focused more on the soldiers than vehicle or uniform markings (although they are visible).

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