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Recently one of our Masters Giovanni Azzara let us know he was the new Editor for the Italian Figure Magazine Soldatini. He also let us know it was now available as an emag. Emags are an electronic copy of a paper magazine easily read on your computer or tablet / Ipad. They can be read on smart phones or I phones or anything able to read online content. Handy in so many ways for saving space, being portable, allowing you to take a library with you on business trips, vacations, or accompanying your significant other on shopping trips.


Looking at issue 99 of Sodatini it has 68 pages chock full of content. After the initial opening pages there is an interesting article on a fantasy figure, a multi page collection of Bill Detert's work followed by a nice article on modeling a Trumpeter of the Imperial Dragoons. Again an interesting fantasy figure, a trip through Traditions, before we get to a nice article on Dragoni uniforms with some very nice colour plates. There is a nice multi page spread on the 2012 7th Monte San Savino Show.

Then a very interesting step by step for painting a Pegasso Bust of a Crusader. This is a great visual tutorial for painting and quite interesting. Unfortunately the colour call-outs on the page and the actual text in the article are in Italian.
Two more very interesting articles follow. The photography is exceptional and advertising less than in other magazines I have read.
While I enjoyed looking at the pictures and seeing how other people paint I found the language barrier detracted from my enjoyment. There is a lot of information on these pages but I couldn't read it. Is it worth it? I'm not sure so to be fair I did buy issue 100 also and it had even more articles I found appealing covering a wide assortment of genres and time periods. If an English magazine were to come out I would buy a subscription. For now I'll check on it and buy one if it has something I really want.
I bought my magazines from Pocket Mags for about $7.00 each. I wish Giovanni great success with this venture.
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