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Scale Model Handbook 1 and 2

Scale Model Handbook One and Two

2 new books on figure painting have arrived on the scene and I must say they are excellent.

Published by Mr Black Publications




Of all the books I've picked up, these are at the top of my list of favorites. I got volume one a few months back and as soon as Volume 2 came out I ordered. These books are available from  Mr Black Publications and the  ordering and delivery where very easy and fast.
Weighing in at 50 pages each the books are soft cover and just the right size to perch on your bench as you model along. What set these apart is they have not only excellent pictures, but a comprehensive description of the process. Even better they give colour call-outs and mixes which for me is highly welcome as I am horrible at mixing paints.
There is a great section on modifying a horse,  and also a section on building a vignette. They use scratch built figures, but the intent is more about the vignette than sculpting.  Maybe in volume 3 if one is made?
I would recommend these books to anyone. What is particularly cool is the genre cross section presented in these books. From Aztecs to knights, to Ancients, to WWI and WWII. Something for everyone.


Priced at 14,95 € each or 29,90 € for the 2 these books are incredible value for the cost.

These books are curtesy of my bleeding wallet and worth every penny and then some. If you are looking at an inexpensive ow to book for figures these are the books for you.

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