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Old Dog

Project Terminated

Project Terminated

When I first noticed this title I thought perhaps it was a fictional novel but a careful reading of the description soon dispelled that notion. What sealed the deal was I needed another item to take my Amazon order over $25 so I could get free shipping and the deal was done. I was pleasantly surprised when the title showed up at my door. The subtitle of the book gives a clue to the contents 'Famous Military Aircraft Cancellations of the Cold War and What Might Have Been' So not only does the book tell the story of many of the projects that flowered and wilted during the Cold War era but also postulates what some might have become had they not been terminated.


The book is 224 pages long, hard bound and printed on glossy heavy stock and roughly 9" x 11" in size. The subjects covered are shown below in the table of contents...

While I was familiar with most of the aircraft in the book, the F-108 was the least familiar and in all cases it was interesting, to me anyway, to hear more about the politics and other issues that lead to the cancellations of these projects. Each chapter not only includes photos of the originals but very nice computer graphic images of what these aircraft might have looked liked had they entered service. Besides the primary topics discussed in each chapter there are side notes and images of other aircraft such as the B-60, Consolidated's swept wing version of the B-36. You really need to look closely at some of the CG images to tell they are not real.

For review purposes I have scanned a couple of the images from the book. Note these are low resolution scans and look much better printed on the glossy pages in the book. The first image assumes that the B-49 went into service and like the B-52 was progressively updated and survived into the early 70's. Long enough to be painted in SEA colors...

The next one shows a pair of F-108 Mach 3 interceptors in flight...

I found the text to be an easy read and not weighed down by tons of figures and data. The book not only solved some mysteries for me but I think in the context of modeling provides a great source of 'what if' ideas for the fertile mind. I purchased mine from Amazon where it currently sells for $35.95 directly from them with free shipping but is also listed for less from some of their other sources. Recommended !
Old Dog
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