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Photo Review: Dora Wings DW72025 Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter

4 bladed propeller is included in the kit.
Pilatus PC- 613350_1578852987.jpg
Pilatus PC-6 91318_1522418408.jpg
Pilatus PC-6 0275637.jpg
Pilatus PC-6 0505308.jpg
Pilatus PC-6 0846778.jpg
Pilatus PC-6 Airliners.net Photos Austria - Air Force Pilatus PC-6-B2-H2 Turbo Porter.jpg

Argentine Navy
Pilatus PC-6 ANA.jpg
Pilatus PC-6 ANAb.jpg
Pilatus PC-6 ANAbis.jpg
Pilatus PC-6 ANAc.jpg
Pilatus PC-6 PC-6 13096080_1061167573945179_5896578973079124416_n.jpg
Pilatus PC-6 pc-6 oakeyqueenslanaustralia800px.jpg
Pilatus PC-6 pc-6 pilatus.jpg
Pilatus PC-6 swissairforce800px.jpg
Pilatus PC-6.jpg
Pilatus PC-6B2 H4TurboPorterF-GLEU.jpg

While the future release with the needed resin exhaust is not here yet, the nose is on the sprue trees for the AU-23. These three examples (look at the serials) are from the Thai Air Force:
Pilatus PC-6 AU-23 RTAF 00.jpg
Pilatus PC-6 AU-23 RTAF 01.jpg
Pilatus PC-6 AU-23 RTAF 02.jpg
Pilatus PC-6 light-aircraft-pilatus-pc-flight-training-153708975.jpg

Pilatus PC-6 light-aircraft-pilatus-pc-flight-training-153976255.jpg

Pilatus PC-6 light-aircraft-pilatus-pc-flight-training-153709276.jpg
Four schemes are provided.

Photos of the actual aircraft are posted here so one knows which optional parts to use for each scheme as the instructions do not indicate them.

Pilatus PC-6/B2-H4 Turbo Porter, "Armee de Terre"
Koksijde Air Base, France, September 2005
1954-2004 50th Anniversary scheme

Step 13, use parts C6+C5, C4+C7
Step 18, use parts C8+C9, D26, and PE28
Step 22, use part E6
Step 23, use parts P56 & PE57

For this timeline, you can use parts C3 as shown in step 23:

Pilatus PC-6/B2-H4 Turbo Porter
Swiss Air Force
Toronto, Canada, August 1981
Step 13, use Parts C14
Step 18, use parts E10+E14
Step 23 use parts C3


Pilatus PC-6/B2-H2 Turbo Porter
Japan Polar Research at Antartica, 1980 (click image for a walk around photo sets):
Complete and use skis from Step 14 & 15
Step 18, use E10+E14
Step 23 use parts C3

Ill Fated Pilatus PC-6/B2-H4 Turbo Porter
UN mission, Western Sahara, August 1991
Crashed June 21st, 1993 in Answard, killing 3:
Step 13, use parts C4+C7, C5+C6
Step 18, use parts C8+C9
Step 23, use parts C3, P56 & PE57


Also, many parts are included for the Fairchild AU-23 one can use for this scheme.
Step 9, use parts E11+E13, unmarked part C19 (next to parts C10 on the sprue tree) and a scratch-built exhaust:

Royal Thai Air Force:





Experimental with minigun instead of 20mm: